About hülyahome

Good For You.
Good For The Planet

At Hülyahome, we are lifelong friends with a passion for textiles, appreciate a very good sleep and care about the world we all live in. We have been very fortunate in our careers to have travelled the world, sourcing home furnishings. 

Firsthand manufacturing experiences have shaped our mission and believe it is our responsibility to contribute to sustainable manufacturing processes that is socially, economically and environmentally responsible. This is why we design, manufacture and offer furnishings of the highest quality and performance, while adhering to environmental and social criteria certifications.

Our approach is honest and simple:

• Offer a variety of high quality and functional environmentally friendly pillows and organic cotton bed linens at fair prices

• Use only the finest quality materials, such as Fairtrade Certified, Organic Certified Non-GMO Organic Cotton for our bed linens

 • Use quality up-cycled and recycled materials to minimize waste for our pillows

• Manufacture products in economically, environmentally and socially responsible facilities that are monitored by independent third party auditors

• Use only FSC Certified paper materials

• Use only biodegradable and recyclable  plastics

• Provide timely delivery and excellent customer service

Please join us on our journey to try and make the world
a better place one bed at a time.