Warranty And Return Policy


The 30-day warranty and return policy commences on the day the product is confirmed delivered by the carrier and applies to original purchasers of genuine Hülyahome (Hülya and Origanami Brand) products and customers who purchased product(s) directly through the store.  

When purchasing through a third-party platform, such as, we always recommend that you check “sold buy” name to ensure that the product was sold by Hülyahome, LLC. We will always attempt to look up your name for proof of purchase in our system. However, there is no guarantee that Amazon, a 3rd party authorized seller or even in our own system, we will be able to find your order several months later. We highly recommend you keep your receipt for proof of purchase.



We hope you will be really happy with your purchase of Hülyahome (hülya pillows and Origanami organic bed linens), and therefore we offer a 30-day return policy on our hülya pillows and Origanami bed linens. Please notify us within 14 days of receipt of your purchase. Notifications after 14 days of receipt can not be honored. You will have the balance remaining of the 30 day return policy to return the product to us. If for any reason you are not pleased with your purchase, you may return the product to us for a full refund, minus shipping fees.   

This return policy applies to original purchasers of genuine Hülyahome (hülya and Origanami brand) products and customers who purchased product(s) directly through the hülyahome store website. Purchases through other sales channels, Amazon, Etsy, etc., need to be returned via those sales channels, in accordance to those store policies.

For full refund, minus shipping fees, products must be returned in original condition. Original condition is considered in original packaging. (Removing your new product from the storage box to view, touch and feel is acceptable, but be sure to keep the product clean if wanting to return). Please do not unpackage/unfold/remove ribbon and labelling, etc., as this will be considered opened and used, which will incur a $20.00 loss of value fee, as we will not resell used products. Returned products will be donated to local animal shelters.

Manufacturing defects are of course excluded and full refund will be provided or the item/s replaced.

We do reserve the right to refuse refunds under certain circumstances. This will be reviewed individually during the refund process.

To return a product, contact us through the the link on your order, or the contact us link on the bottom of the home page.

Our mission is to provide beautiful heirloom quality Fairtrade and Organic Certified environmentally and socially responsible bed linens at the most reasonable prices we can offer. As a result, our return policy is as stated above. We do not build in a “return percentage” as major retailers do with their suppliers (supplier chargebacks for returned goods), or as our e-commerce competition does, resulting in a significantly more expensive, comparable product. Our goal is to provide as many consumers as possible with the benefits and enjoyment of true organic cotton products. Help us keep our prices reasonable for you!

If you have concerns or questions, contact us! We are here for you. If there is an issue, we will work with you to a mutually reasonable resolution.  

If you are not completely satisfied with your product, please contact us at:

Please Note: It may take 5 - 10 business days for your refund to be posted.


LATE OR MISSING REFUNDS (if applicable) Please Note: It may take 5 - 10 business days for your refund to be posted. If you haven’t received a refund yet, check with your bank and/or credit card company associated with your purchase. If you still have not received your refund, please contact us at: